Can I Appeal a Small Claims Decision?
Only a defendant may appeal a small claims judgment.  A plaintiff may not appeal a small claims judgment.  The deadline to file the appeal is 30 days from the date of mailing the notice of entry of judgment.     
How to Appeal a Small Claims Decision:
Within 30 days from the notice of entry of judgment, a defendant may appeal the decision of the small claims commissioner or judge by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Superior Court in your county.  The appeal will be scheduled for a Trial De Novo, and the parties will be notified of the Trial De Novo hearing date by mail.
What is a Trial De Novo?

A trial de novo is the hearing on your appeal.  The hearing is heard by a Superior Court judge in civil court, rather than a small claims judge or commissioner.  A de novo hearing means the court will hear the case without regard to what happened at the first hearing in small claims.


Hiring an attorney:

An attorney may represent any party at the appeal hearing.  If you wish to hire an attorney to represent you or prepare paperwork for your appeal, contact my office for a consultation.  


What happens when a judgment is entered in the Trial De Novo?

Judgment on the appeal is final.  You cannot appeal the judgement from the small claims trial de novo.